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Features & Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

There are several reasons that people hire an attorney in order to assist them, and they are as follows:

Knowledge of the Law.
The law is a complex and not well understood set of rules which have developed over a long period of time and which are constantly in a state of flux. With out formal legal education it is almost impossible for anyone to have a broad knowledge of the law, or even know where to look in order to find the answers that they seek.
Knowledge of the Court System.
There are special procedures covering what can be used as evidence in court, and special rules covering how that evidence may be introduced. These rules cover everything from when a case may be calendared to how witneses may questioned while testifying. someone without a formal legal education would have diffuclty in navigating the complex legal rules, hampering their ability to present their case effectively. With the assistance of legal counsel you will be much more effective in getting your evidence before the judge or jury. We have seen strong legal cases lost, which were otherwise winable, due the failure to properly present the facts.
Knowledge of the Judiciary.
I am familiar with the local Judges to a degree that very few in the general populace can match. I have a feeling for which arguments are going to be more persuasive to which Judges, and a feel for their tendencies in a given case. I can also help my clients understand why a judge has ruled a certain way and point out what evidence the judge was really relying upon as persuasive in fashioning their ruling.
Independent case Evaluation.
Clients often times have difficulties objectively evaluating their own case because they are too close to the case and need a third party to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their legal position.
Saving Time and Hassel
Several court appearances are actually just for checking in with a case or for scheduling purposes. These appearances are mandatory, but typically do not take more than an hour or so in order to complete. Clients who hire attorneys do not need to be present at these sessions, and don’t have to needlessly pester their employer for time off on a regular basis.
There is tremendous time savings realized by hiring an attorney to be the proffesional manager of your case. Attempting to replacate a three year law school education on your own can be quite diffcult not to mention time consuming. The formal training attorney's receive allows them to get the the crux of the matte much more quickly than someone without that training.
Issue Personal to that Client
Some people are terrified of public speaking and cannot handle the pressure of appearing in court by themselves. For those people legal counsel can be very calming and reasurring. Counsel can often make them feel more at ease by giving them an idea of what to expect at trial.
Other clients are so emotionally involved in their case, that they can not effectively express their concerns or desires even when they have a legitimate grievance. We have seen some cases were people have tried to express their position without legal counsel, but had come off sounding like they were insensitive and rude. It wasn’t because these people were insensitive and rude, but rather their emotional involvement in the case made it diffcult to express their position. We have been able to assist clients so that they could successfully articulate their positions in a persuasive manner.

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